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KMR Systems has been a leading provider of customized state-of-the-art software solutions to various industries since 1982.

Our Software Solutions are:

  • State-of-the-Art      
  • Customized 
  • User Friendly
  • Browser Based & Web Accessible
  • Flexible & Expandable 
  • Fully Integrated between modules & with Microsoft® Windows® 

  • IBM Advanced ServerProven for the Power System platform, the most reliable server on the market.

We also provide our clients with autonomy and flexibility through custom report templates and user-generated ad-hoc reporting tools included with all modules.

The key to our success is our emphasis on quality, integrity & on-time implementation. KMR's experience, expertise, and flexibility is guaranteed to make your software development project a success.

Our Present Customized Solutions:

  • Benefit Fund Administration Software System
  • Union Software System
  • Claims Processing Software System
  • Pension Software System

We also have customized existing applications that were created in-house or by other Third Party Software Firms.

KMR has invested significantly in R&D to keep our software ahead of the technology curve and our experience in each industry has allowed us to build & fine-tune a shell for all modules. Rather than force-fitting your business into our system, we'll customize our software around your business.  Our existing modules are simply tweaked & built to suit your needs, saving you time & money on unnecessary development costs.

We can recommend the right solution and implement it quickly to make sure your business continues to run without any hiccups. 

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