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KMR Systems is a Full Service IT Provider offering comprehensive services for all your needs. The following is a list of all Additional Services we provide:

  • Hardware - IBM System i & POWER Systems, Monitors & Printers. We have been approved as an IBM Business Partner and can provide IBM Hardware & Maintenance at discounted pricing.

  • Networking - We provide full networking services including all Hardware.

  • Third Party Software Sales & Integration- We have relationships with a wide variety of Third Party Software vendors with integrated products to enhance the capabilities of your system. KMR works closely with each vendor to provide a complete turnkey solution and ensure seamless integration between the systems. Some examples:

    • FTP PGP Encryption Automated Utility - Automates data retrieval, translation,  encryption, compression & distribution. Allows for secure data exchange with Outside Vendors. It also allows for encryption & compression of all System backups.
    • Report Converter & Automated Report Product - Totally automated, it converts all reports from the system & downloads to a poller PC where they can be split, converted to PDF, RTF, or HTML, zipped, emailed.  PDF, RTF, and HTML documents can contain graphical forms overlays. Product automatically extract data into Excel, Access, MS-Word and more.
    • Accounting G/L - The General Ledger application provides flexible account structures, consolidation rules, budgeting, and reporting. Auditability and control are maintained at all times. The built-in financial report writer offers simplicity and flexibility in generating financial statements of any kind.
    • Document Imaging - Document Imaging technology allows clients to scan documents directly into the system, making the data secure and eliminating the need to manually enter forms and keep decades of records in storage.  We offer many options in this area. The following is a list of some key features:
        • Scan & Store All Documents
        • Create Paperless Office.
        • Elimination of Lost Files or Important Documents
        • Document Storage Can Be On iSeries, Network Drive, CD or Optical Juke Box
        • Ability To Attach Notes or Messages To Images on Files
        • Easy Indexing & Retrieval of Documents
        • Viewing & Printing of Images & Documents in Seconds
        • Ability to Access All Documents via Web Browser
        • HIPAA & Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant

  • Laser Check Printing, Folding & Sealing - The combination of a Laser Check Printer and a Folder-Sealer (Z-fold) machine can save clients time and money for mass mailings and check printing by handling printing and folding at a rapid pace thereby, allowing staff to focus on their day-to-day functions.  The addition of one or both of these units would greatly improve the current check printing process and ultimately, save much time and money.

  • Interactive Voice Response - Provides information on your System via the Telephone with 24/7 availability. This greatly improves your Customer Service.

  • Disaster Recovery - In the case of any unfortunate and unforeseen event or disaster such as a power outage, flood or worse, all clients should have an IT infrastructure in place that allows them to be responsive and resilient by ensuring the continuity of their business operations - keeping applications and data readily available and undamaged.  We offer many options including High Availability at reasonable costs.

  • Leasing - KMR offers many different leasing options at competitive rates.

  • IP Telephony / VoIP - A number of analysts believe that 2004 marked the inflection point between traditional and IP-based phone systems, with more IP telephony lines shipped than traditional telephony lines. KMR can perform an analysis on your existing Traditional telephone system and explain the cost savings and business advantages of switching to IP Telephony. This VoIP technology integrates with our software solution to help clients better serve their customers more efficiently.