Get back to basics: simplify and streamline your benefits administration processes

KMR's Benefits Administration System is a comprehensive and dynamic modular software suite that allows intuitive management and streamlining of all benefits administration functions and processes.

Our software boasts several key features out of the box - and much more - to make your job easier and save you time and money.

  • Robust Member/Dependent/Employer Tracking & Maintenance
  • Self-service Online Portals with secure mobile access for Inquiry & Bill Payments
  • Comprehensive Online Contributions Billing & Remittance Processing
  • Contracts Management
  • Employer Audits
  • Eligibility & COBRA
  • Comprehensive tracking & processing of key defined benefits, such as:
    • HRA
    • Medical, Dental & Other Claims Processing
    • Payables
    • Disability
    • Pension
    • Annuity
    • ASB
    • 401(k)
    • Vacation
  • Customer Service
  • Other defined benefit & custom modules
  • Custom report templates & ad-hoc reporting tools

Membership/Dependent/Employer Module - Manage your critical data in one place: member and dependent information including social security numbers, marital status, union book number, job classification, and much more. Employer information including contract dates, last audit date, and other key data. Online portals have secure access allowing members or employers to view information and request changes. These coupled with several other features make this module a must for busy organizations.

Online Contribution Billing & Remittance Module - An easy way to print recurring bills for related funds, complete remittance and reciprocal processing, access daily, monthly, or yearly cash reports, and submit web inquiries. Comprehensive contracts management and additional features within the module are designed to make your contribution maintenance & billing process smooth and headache-free.

Eligibility Module - Manage hours and wages tracking, send eligibility files to outside vendors in a secure format, view and manage vacation records and balances, print items such as checks and reports (including W2s and 1099s), and manage IRS Magnetic Media Filing and COBRA eligibility. Our web inquiry capabilities ensure you have all the data you need at your fingertips, when you need it.

COBRA Module - COBRA can be complicated. Use this module to manage notice letters and certificates, as well as processing payments and responses. It integrates with the eligibility module for a seamless workflow. Learn more about the ways this module can make your job easier.

HRA Module Need more details for this module - Learn more about how this module can make HRA management a snap.

Claims & Payables Module Need more details for this module - Learn more about how these modules can simplify all of your claims processing needs.

Disability Module Need more details for this module - Learn more about how this module can make Disability processing easier.

Pension Module - A one-stop- shop for handling all things pension related. Easily calculate pension credits based on plan rules, and much more. Use this module to manage monthly and annual reports, check history, and direct deposits, as well as print checks, reports, and audit letters. While the Pension Estimator allows members to better plan for retirement by tracking detailed work history and generating estimates based on varying parameters input such as credits and vested years. This module is a must for streamlining Pension processing.

Annuity Module - Manage annuity records and current balances that are automatically created through the contribution module. This module is also equipped to handle validation and eligibility plan rules for processing checks. Other features include lien processing, check and report printing, and positive pay and direct deposit capabilities. Let us show you how this module can simplify your Annuity processing.

Additional Security/Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Module - Leverage this simple system to manage ASB records and current balances, as well as view and print checks or reports (including W2s). Through this module, you can also view member check histories and account balances. It's also equipped with IRS Magnetic Media Filing capabilities and Web Inquiry capabilities to better help you find critical information. Learn more about the ways this module can make your job easier.

401(k) Module Need more details for this module - can streamline your 401(k) processing needs.

Vacation Module - Use this module to manage vacation balances and eligibility in one location. This system also allows viewing and printing of several reports, including quarterly state reporting. Learn more about how this module can make Vacation processing hassle-free.