Software designed to make your job easier. It’s that simple.

Our cutting edge software systems are installed as various modules that can be added at any time and are customized to suit each client’s individual needs.

All of KMR’s software offerings are:

  • State-of-the-art solutions that continually leverage emerging technology to enhance user experience and meet evolving needs
  • Fully customized around our clients’ specific business processes
  • Flexible & scalable due to an open source framework that allows for easy changes and swift adaptability to new requirements and regulations
  • User Friendly & Browser Based for easy intuitive navigation & web-accessibility from any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device
  • Reliable, Secure, HIPAA & HITECH compliant
  • Fully integrated between modules and with 3rd party applications to ensure seamless interaction with other applications, maximizing job efficiency.

It’s your data. Access it at any time, from anywhere.

All of our modules include user-defined rules, custom report templates and user-generated ad-hoc reporting tools to allow maximum autonomy and flexibility for our clients. Full controls and audit trails allow for accurate data tracking, while online self-service portals allow members and employers to access & manage their information in real-time, from anywhere 24/7, minimizing calls to and extra work for the office staff.

The key to our success is our emphasis on quality, integrity & on-time implementation. KMR’s experience, expertise, and flexibility are guaranteed to make your software development project a success. Best of all: your dedicated account team will be with you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless installation which allows you to focus on more important things, like running your business.

Our Customized Solutions:

KMR stays ahead of the technology curve so we can fine-tune a solution for each client, while saving you time and money on development costs. Let us recommend the right solution and implement it quickly to make sure your business continues to run without any hiccups.