About Us

KMR Systems: Not just a provider. A Partner.

We know what you're going through. Balancing the needs of your membership and growth of your business with the daily administrative and technology challenges can be both frustrating and costly. It doesn't have to be.

KMR Systems is a recognized leading provider of cutting edge, customized benefits administration and union management software solutions to Labor Unions, Taft Hartley Benefit Funds and Third Party Administrators. We have enjoyed a strong reputation in the Labor Union and Benefits Administration industry nationwide for over 35 years. KMR's legacy is rooted in our extensive experience developing software specifically for this market, our ability & willingness to customize these solutions and our unparalleled client service. With our comprehensive product and services suite, KMR offers a turnkey technology solution that enables our clients to:

  • Efficiently & effectively run their business
  • Focus on their work, not their technology
  • Provide top-notch member service
  • Have autonomy, flexibility & adaptability to grow and swiftly evolve with changing needs, regulations and technology