Step into the cloud

KMR offers a suite of customized, modern solutions to address your hosting concerns. Our clients take advantage of a cloud-based solution - we’re able to host the software on our servers and clients simply pay a subscription fee. With the most modern and reliable hosting solutions available, our clients enjoy an offering personalized for their specific needs, backed by the service and quality that KMR has been dedicated to for years.

With KMR”s cloud solution, clients take advantage of the most modern and secure technology platforms without the cost and hassle of purchasing and maintaining the hardware. Supported by a Tier III data center, for data storage, backup and protection, KMR’s hosted solution is the pinnacle of reliable technology:

Established Opened in 2000, the data center has been successfully operating for nearly two decades

Hurricane Proof Data center maintained operational effectiveness and efficiency through all hurricanes

Connected Diverse Internet providers with redundant fiber paths

No Down Time 99.99% of Uptime

Serious Security Multiple layers of Military-grade physical security including biometrics, mantraps, bullet-resistant walls, and 24/7/365 monitoring

Proven Protection Supports over 2,100 Enterprise customers and partners

We power, cool, and protect your data so you don’t have to.

Power: Power is supplied to each rack by a redundant Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and Generators

Cooling: highly efficient cold air distribution through our DuctSox system

Protection: Fire protection with dual action dry pipe system, biometric entry/magnetic lock system, 24/7/365 security

A Tier III rating means:

  • Zero shutdowns for equipment replacement and maintenance
  • Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment
  • All IT equipment must be dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of the site’s architecture
  • Concurrently maintainable on each and every infrastructure component (generators, chillers, air handlers, UPS, etc)

TRANSLATION: Zero downtime for your business!